Help for the Homeless:

Getting Off the Street

Shelter For the Homeless

If you are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless, the process of finding help can be very frustrating.  There are many places in Ventura County that serve the homeless, but maybe you don't know where to start.   There are certain rules and processes for every organization.  Listed below are the basic steps to getting off the street and into a shelter.  We are happy to help you navigate the process and even search for a shelter.  

 Below that, are the local shelters and their phone numbers.

HELP!  I am homeless

The process of getting from the street to a home is lengthy, but if you really want to, you can do it.  You have to be willing to follow very specific steps and rules and comply with certain policies, but the end result is having a home for your family.  We are here to help you through every step of the process.


If you are homeless and looking for a shelter, start with this step: All shelters require a TB test. Go first to your local clinic and get one.   My suggestion for Oxnard is Las Islas, because you can walk in.  It may take a while.  Like, hours.  It will take 48 hours to verify and you usually can't get  into a place before that.  You will need one for you and any children who will be living with you where you are going.  

Sit tight.


Either while you wait for your TB test or afterward, call a local shelter and ask for a phone interview.  Be prepared to answer any questions they ask, even if they seem nosy.  Try to be patient and be honest.  People do want to help, and they don't know you so they have to ask certain questions.  You may get shut down at this point.  Don't be discouraged.  

Just try another place.  We can help you find people to call.

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The initial intake interview is often lengthy.  There may be personal questions that you don't know how to answer or don't want to answer, but answer them politely to the best of your ability.  Most shelters will ask about your income and may require you to put a portion of it aside to save for a new place.  This means that for as long as you live there, they have some control over your income.  It is part of the process and it is not forever.  The end product will be that you have money for a place of your own.  It will be worth it.  


All shelters have rules and procedures that people have to follow.  Some of them will require you and your children to get up very early and get outside.  This is not ideal, but it is temporary.  Take advantage of places that are open and free, like libraries and even local churches.  Be where you can continue to work or get help.  Do your best to have a positive attitude in this place even though it will be very difficult.  If a shelter has a limit to the months you are allowed to stay, but you are easy to get along with, they may extend your stay if you need it.  You can also use this time to see what provisions are available for section 8.  Use the library to look up 211 and research every available assistance program.


Contact Info and Websites Listed Below

Rain Transitional Living Center

(805) 388 - 1296 - Information Line

(805) 383-7505 - Intake Line

(805) 389-3308 - Office

The Rescue Mission 

234 E 6th St, Oxnard, CA 93030

(805) 487-1234

Lighthouse Women and Children's Shelter

104 N Hayes Ave, Oxnard, CA 93030

(805) 385-7200

Mercy House Oxnard

351 S. K St. Oxnard CA 93030

(714) 836-7188

The City Center

837 E Thompson Blvd, Ventura, CA 93001

(805) 628-9035

Salvation Army

155 S Oak St, Ventura, CA 93001

(805) 648-4977

Gabriel's House

1450 S Rose Ave Oxnard, CA 93033

(805) 487-3400

Sarah's House 

Maternity Home

Simi Valley, CA 93063

Phone: (805) 581-1910

Tender Life Maternity Home

871 E Thompson Blvd, Ventura, CA 93001

(805) 653-7474

Turning Point Foundation:  

New Visions Center

1065 E Main St

Ventura, CA 93001

(805) 652-0029

I am ready to move!

Depending on whether you have section 8, there are different resources available to help you find a place. lists apartments and houses for people on section 8, and you can even contact them for help.  COVID rules have limited the availability of assistance, so you might also try looking at property management companies. If you are not on section 8, you can contact homeless services and ask for help.  If you are on Calworks, your worker may be able to help some as well.  In the absence of either Calworks or section 8, check with your local housing authority for information on an affordable place.


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